Age-related factors cause different changes in body processes as like in digestion mostly appetite become less and stomach gets upset easily. Seniors start feeling depressed and loss of interest in food also.

Here are some tips for right eating for any senior citizen in your family:-

Add no of different colours to plate of senior citizen

Senior citizens often suffer from constipation. Adding different types veggies and fruits not only make the plate appealing but also helps to prevent constipation.

Increasing the no of mealtimes

Digestive system of senior citizen becomes weak. Six to seven small meals help in proper digestion and prevent digestive problems in old age.

Supplement the food with fragrance

Potassium rich food like cumin (jeera) seeds or dry fenugreek (methi) leaves increases the fragrance of food as well as good for muscles and prevent swelling.

Lessen up dehydration

Senior citizens are more prone to dehydration especially in the summers. Drink at least 15 glasses of water in a day.

Making the food eatable

Senior citizens face a major problem of weak teeth and loss of teeth at this age. This leads to eating limited food items which can cause a lack in nutrition.

Mash or shred the food items which are hard to chew. In Spite of teething problems, eating every nutritious food item is possible it just need your little efforts.

Vegetable soups, fruit juices can be made. Rotis can be made soft by adding curd or coconut milk in a dough.

Never let them eat alone

In this age senior citizens start feeling lonely and this is a major reason for their lost interest in food. Always eat with them on the same table. Talk to them and share their food.

Senior citizens are important part of our society which needs attention. Let’s come together to thank them. For any further age related or nutrition related questions contact us.

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