Nowadays many parents have a busy schedule. Some of them find convenient and ready-made options which result in the unhealthy nutrition of their child. Children are very choosy in their taste. It is not easy to encourage them to eat a balanced diet.

Here are some tips for parents like you who are worried about their children and their nutrition. Let’s start now

Never let your child skip the Breakfast

Always make it a habit for your child to have his breakfast daily. Breakfast is the necessary part of daily nutrition that maintains lasting energy throughout the day.

It is not compulsory to give whole plate food as lunch or dinner. Breakfast should be balanced with proteins as an important part. It can be just banana with milk or an egg sandwich with bread.

Make your child eat meals with you on a table

 Encourage your child to eat with family on a table. This way you can build a strong communication relationship with your child. You can easily monitor your child’s eating habits, likes and dislikes to certain foods. Moreover, it can easily create a regular routine in your child’s life.

Take your child with you while doing grocery shopping

Parents usually avoid taking their child to grocery shopping thinking that they will only irritate and child has nothing to do with grocery shopping.

Make your child choose the vegetables and fruits of his taste. Let him feel the ownership of food he eats. As the child starts growing start guiding him with the points to keep notice of while shopping grocery.

Show your creative power

 Always try to make food appealing to the eyes of your child. Play the trick. Make the vegetables and fruits your child has picked during grocery shopping more prominent in the dish and mash or shred the items he does not like.

Use your imagination make the plate of your children like a story or some scene.

Never give up

As like other children your child’s taste can be variable. You need not to worry or give up on your efforts to make your child’s diet a balanced, healthy, appealing, tastier diet. Being a parent you have to be clever enough to trick your child and keep him away from unhealthy food.

Let your child be adventurous in a kitchen:- As it is not possible to allow your child to play in the kitchen daily, as it is not safe. But on weekends or holidays, you can take some time out for allowing your child to do some adventure in your kitchen.

Make a little apron for him. Let them play with some safe thing like giving them flour to make a dough or peeling of peas. Make sure your child does all this under your guidance and sight. It can be a little mess in the kitchen for you to clean. But definitely, these efforts will make your child interested in food.

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