The word Mother is symbolic of God. What a Mother does for her child from the day a child arrives, cannot be done by anyone else. Her role in our life is undoubtedly vital. Mother is the backbone of our family. No matter how much we succeed the one working and praying behind the scene for you is always a Mother.

Mother is recognised as Best Caretaker

When it comes to her food, health and wellbeing, she always tries to sacrifice more than anyone else in the family. This Mother’s Day shows her that you appreciate all her efforts and sacrifices she gave for you. Skip the flowers and greetings this year and give her something she will value for years to come. Nothing can be more than Gift of a Good Health.

There are many health issues most of the women suffer silently in their forties and fifties.

List of Some Health issues Mother faces commonly

  • Most common are Vitamin D and calcium deficiencies which leads to osteoporosis.
  • Stress and work both accompanied by improper diet and irregular exercise can lead to severe health complications related to heart, kidneys and joints.
  • Hormonal changes in middle age are common which causes mood swings, depression and insomnia.
  • The onset of menopause leads to various problems like vaginal soreness, weight gain, palpitations.
  • Weakness and tiredness are often ignored but can be due to anaemia.

Ensure routine check-ups for her and yearly tests. Keep care of her health as she kept for you always. For any further queries related to diseases women suffer in their middle age and management of these diseases get a free consultation from Homeo Solutions.