Renal or Kidney stones are hard deposits of minerals inside your kidneys and urinary tract. When stones pass through your urinary tract, they cause intense pain. There are various reasons for stone formation. Some are linked to kidney infections. Other types may form due to too many certain minerals in your system. Once you have a kidney stone, you’ll be 50 percent more likely to get another one in the next 10 years. 

There is no definite treatment for kidney stones in Allopathy, especially if you have a family history. However, you can reduce the risk of kidney stones with proper homeopathic treatment for kidney stones along with a combination of diet and plenty of water. 

What are the causes of Kidney Stones?

Your diet may cause kidney stones to develop even if you’re in good health. While not drinking enough water could be another reason for the development of kidney stones.  Let’s go through a number of reasons that could increase the chances of stone problems:

  • Beverages: Drinks such as colas are high in fructose and phosphates, which can lead to kidney stones.
  • Oxalates: This organic compound is commonly present in many foods including spinach and sweet potatoes. Oxalates can bind easily to certain minerals such as calcium to form kidney stones.
  • Salts (i.e. sodium): A lot of sodium, primarily from common salt, may increase the risk of developing kidney stones. 
  • Animal protein: Too much beef, chicken, eggs, and seafood can increase calcium and uric acid in your body to produce kidney stones. 
  • History of kidney stones: If you’ve ever had a history of kidney stones, you’re likely to get them again unless you take precautions.
  • Age & Gender: Although stone problems can happen to people of any age or gender, middle-aged men are most likely to get kidney stones.
  • Inheritance: 40% of the individuals who have kidney stones have relatives who also have suffered from this problem.
  • Obesity: Obesity and/or diabetes are more likely to cause kidney stone problems.
  • Gout:  Gout is a painful joint disorder where uric acid builds up within the blood forms crystals in the joints that can ultimately increase the risk of kidney stones. 
  • Intestinal surgery: The risk of kidney stones may increase if a certain type of gastric bypass surgery or other intestinal procedure has been performed.
  • Hyperthyroidism: This condition can increase blood calcium and produce stones in the kidneys.
  • Certain kidney diseases: Clusters of cysts develop in kidneys in some conditions like polycystic kidney disease to cause urinary blockage.

How can you prevent Kidney stones?

Drinking plenty of water and sticking to your current diet and wellness plan will reduce the risk of kidney stones. Let’s discuss here, one by one.

  • Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water, especially when you exercise.
  • Eat Calcium-rich foods: Some people presume that calcium is not to be consumed, but this is not true. Low-calcium diets can in fact raise the risk of a kidney stone and osteoporosis.
  • Eat fewer salts: Any food containing high levels of salts such as sodium chloride, monosodium glutamate (MSG), sodium nitrate, or oxalate must be avoided or consumed less. In fact, a low salt diet can help you in lowering the risk of developing kidney stones.
  • Eat less animal protein: Meals high in animal protein are of acidic nature and may increase the acidity of urine. Excessive acid in the urine may produce kidney stones of both uric acid and calcium oxalate. 
  • Avoid vitamin C supplements: According to a 2013 study by Trusted Source, the risk of kidney stones in men taking high doses of vitamin C supplements (ascorbic acid) has doubled, particularly in men. 

Is homeopathy effective for kidney stones?

Yeah! Homeopathic treatment is highly effective in crushing or dissolving kidney stones. Several homeopathic products provide cost-effective remedies for flushing kidney stones, or even help to reduce the size of existing stones in the renal or digestive system.

At Homeosolutions, we use advanced German homeopathic medicine for kidney stone treatment. 

Either small or large, homeopathic medications often demonstrate their efficacy to flush or remove renal stones without any risk or need for surgery.

We are specialized in treating plenty of homeopathic cases of renal calculi and ureteral stone for the past several years not only in India but also across the globe.

If you have any stone problems and are looking for a convenient, safe, and cost-effective remedy, please contact us now or simply fill in the form provided to consult our specialist.